6M is all on December 6

The last Channel 1 Television transmitter is due to close down at the end of November and RSM has advised that from 6th December 2013 onwards (just in time for the annual VHF/UHF/SHF Field Day Contest) Amateurs throughout New Zealand will have access to the bottom end of the 6 metre band (50 to 51 MHz) without needing to apply for a permit.

Note that the management right under which the channel 1 television transmitters operated does not expire until August 2015 so 50 – 51 MHz can not appear on the  Amateur General User Radio Licence until after this date.  Instead RSM are putting in place licence No 4122 which will say that “Persons who hold a New Zealand General Amateur Operator’s Certificate of Competency and a callsign issued pursuant to the Radiocommunications Regulations 2001 may operate an amateur radio station under this licence”. The power on the licence will be 30 dBW (1 kW) to bring it into line with the power on the General User Radio Licence for Amateur Operators.

When Management Right 47 expires on the 30 August 2015, 50/51 MHz will be added to the General User Radio Licence for Amateur Operators.