Club meetings 2021

Club Meeting 6 October 2021

6/10/21 Br 25/NARC General Meeting, Napier

Attendance (10 people) as per the attendance book

Apologies ZL1TJ

Min’s of the previous Gen. Meeting read and approved

Matters arising

– ZL2MQ talked about the NCC District plan and gave a review of same.

– it was approved that a 9:1 balun be purchased by ZL2MQ for the Br 25 Club Rooms Long Wire aerial.

– ZL2DW said that he was not going to go ahead with the Br 13/25 combined “On Air 75th Award” due to apparent (as per the Awards Manager) response to these events.

Financial report

– Presented by Stu ZL2XC. The usual power bill and balances read out.

– Some discussion was had regarding a “Review” of the Br 25/NARC financial balance sheet /records for the year ending 30/9/21. To be resolved between ZL2MQ and ZL2XC when further info. (on the need or not) comes to hand and a price given.


– a reply from the NCC regarding the District Plan

General Business

– some notes were presented by ZL2DW

– it was noted that the xyl of (former Treas. of Br 25/NARC) Don Mudford (ex ZL2AMV) had died on 12/9/21. A card was sent by Marilyn ZL2BOA from the “Cornflakes Net” group.

– is the 75th anniversary BBQ still to be had and hosted by Br 25/NARC ?

– maybe in Dec 2021 or Jan/Feb 2022 a trip to Taraponui coming up

– expecting a trip to Wharite 2021/2022 coming up.

– Br 13/HBARC had made a donation to the “NZART Radio Education Trust”

– the Br 13 “CHB Meal and Meeting” event at Waipawa on 27/10/21 is coming up, all welcome.

– ZL2LF made some comments about his W11 computer conversion $700

– ZL1TJ to stand down at the next Br 25/NARC AGM (on 3/11/21). Some discussion was held re future Office bearers

Meeting closed at 2015hrs followed by the “Br 25 World Famous quiz”……..lots of fun and chocolate fish given out.

Dave ZL2DW