Club Meetings 2015

Meeting 4 November 2015

Meeting on Wednesday 4 November 2015 at the Clubrooms 123 Latham Street

Chair: Laurie ZL2TC, the meeting started at 7:30 pm.

Present: Revell ZL2SS, Dave ZL2DW, Paul ZL2HB, Mike ZL2MY, Rob ZL2US, Blue ZL3TT, Wally ZL2MO, Dave ZL2MQ, Bert ZL2OC, Stan ZL2ST, Mike ZL2VM and Karl ZL1TJ.
Apologies: ZL2CZE, ZL2DC.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed correct: ZL3HB, ZL2MO.
Arising: The Napier RSA restaurant has been booked for the Annual Combined Branches dinner for Friday 27 November. Gather at 6 pm, bookings to Karl or Dave ZL2DW.
Laurie: Awaiting confirmation from The Cricket Association for an April 9th 2016 booking of the Pavillion for the planned Bay Hamfest. Several speakers have been approached, provisional confirmation received from Peter Mulhare, ZL2AK.

Correspondence: Email correspondence regarding:
ZL2DW: removal of the Te Ahioteatua APRS repeater and re-location of the 725 IRLP node equipment from Wellwood Street to Pakowhai Hall.
ZL2VM: the installation of the Alinco DR635 radio at the NCC Emergency Operating Centre.
ZL2VM: regarding missing Tait radios used for STSP purposes.
ZL2TC: final sorting and clean out of redundant AREC equipment.
ZL2DW: contact with Peter Mulhare ZL2IK regarding a presentation at the planned Bay Hamfest.
ZL2DW: repeater trustees needing replacing.
Other correspondence:
Notification of an appeal by Branch 13 and NZART to the antenna hight restrictions of the recently decided Hastings District Plan.
A copy of the application by Ray Barlow ZL2RB for accreditation as NZART Examination Supervisor.
Finance: Received, account for ground rental from the Napier City Council.

General Business:
ZL2DW and ZL2US: reported on the appeal lodged by Branch 13 and NZART against the Hastings District Plan. This is to keep the hight restictions in line with other regions. The appeal is funded by Branch 13, the outcome may well affect future decisions by the Napier City Council.
ZL2US: the concept of ‘Gold Card’ Bus ride outings from Hastings to Napier return is firming up. A social occasion to spend some fun time with fellow Hams. Date to be advised.
ZL2DW: D-Star repeater licence has been granted, the IRLP gear is suffering from ‘teething trouble’

The monthly meeting closed at 7:50 pm and was followed by the AGM and after that the annual homebrew competition.
Only three entries were received, Dave ZL2MQ entered two items,
-VHF / UHF low noise amplifiers, prototype and professional versions, used for Moon Bounce operations. Aptly named ‘Atarau’ these are for sale for a very reasonable price to fellow hams.
-A ‘CANFI’ noise measuring device primarily used to test Low noise amplifiers .

Entered by ZL1TJ, a SDR receiver using a USB dongle digital device combined with a ‘Ham it up’ 125 MHz upconverter mounted together in a single box with aerial and USB sockets.
The vote went deservedly to Dave’s beautifully constructed CANFI noise tester.

Karl ZL1TJ, Secretary Branch 25.