Club meetings 2021

Club Meeting 1 December 2021

Minutes of the Napier Amateur Radio Club.

Held at the clubrooms 123 Latham Street on the 1st of December 2021.

Chair: Dave ZL2MQ, the meeting started at 7:30pm.

Present: Dave 2MQ, Dave 2DW, Peter 2LF, Revell 2SS, Bryce 1BCG, Karl 1TJ, Errol 2IT and Peter 2CD.

Apology: Stu 2XC, Blue 3TT and Rob 2AN.

Minutes of the previous NARC meeting read and confirmed to be true and correct, Peter 2LF and seconded by Revell ZL2SS.

Arising: Dave 2MQ donated a radio and Karl 1TJ donated an aerial to help Hunter Picket ZL2EDH to get on the air.

Correspondence: Notices to members.

Accounts: Read

General Business: Mention of covid vaccine passes, did we need these for the club? Tower sale and removal of David Lamont’s has been canceled pending crane hire and plan to take down safely. Dave Sheath has an aluminum pipe to donate to the club by way of Errol 2IT. Dave 2MQ to look at an auto tuner to be located at the base of the new HF aerial that has just been erected. Branch 13 AGM from last week: the elected Officers have remained with no change. Peter 2LF talked about a previous Chatham island visit and to make sure that footage was added to the knowledge bank. It was noted that JA had Opened.

The Meeting closed at 8:10 pm.

Bryce Gilbert ZL1BCG

Secretary Napier ARC.

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