Club meetings 2021

Club Meeting 3 February 2021

Minutes of the Napier Amateur Radio Club

Meeting on Wednesday 3 February 2021 at the Clubrooms 123 Latham Street

Chair: Dave ZL2MQ, the meeting started at 7:30pm.

Present: Stu ZL2XC, Revell ZL2SS, Mike ZL2MY, Rob ZL2AN, Peter ZL2LF, Peter ZL2CD, Ross ZL2FN, Mark Paton, Karl ZL1TJ and visitors past Club President Tony Gilbert ZL2UAG and Bryce Gilbert.

Apology: ZL2VM, ZL2DW, ZL2IT.

Visitors Tony and Bryce were welcomed by Dave ZL2MQ.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Read and confirmed to be correct: ZL2MY, ZL2XC.

Arising: Repeater license equalizing payment of $50 to Branch 13 is now due.

Correspondence: with members regarding the passing and funeral of Stan ZL2ST.

With Douglas Birt, retiring LCLO (local government liaison officer) regarding his annual report to NZART, with Peter 2CD and Stu 2XC regarding the transfer of the Treasurer’s position. Various correspondence connected with the NZART conference. From the Te Puke ARC, notice of the annual market to be held on March 20th. Outwards: Stan’s obituary to Break-In and Break-out magazines, notices to members.

Finance: The transfer of the Treasurer’s position from Peter 2CD to Stu 2XC has now been completed. Stu presented recent transactions and balances.

To satisfy bank requirements the following was stated: That, in accordance with the club’s constitution, all bank transactions must now be enacted by two out of the following three signatories: Club Treasurer Stuart Murray McLeod, Club Secretary Jan Karl Cornelis Matthys, Club President David John Crook.

General business: Dave 2MQ presented a short overview of the Conference committee’s progress. Speakers and topics for the Sunday technical forums have now been found and need to be allocated time slots. The usual special interest groups will be given the customary one hour slots to meet, the possible exception WARO which have indicated the need for a longer slot. A number of early registrations have been received, inquiries regarding the programme etc. are coming in. The programme and registration forms etc. need to be completed for submission to Break In magazine early March. Next Conference committee meeting February 23.

The meeting closed at 8 pm.

And was followed by Stu 2XC’s presentation of his most recent DX exploits, mainly on the 80m band. Considering location and antenna Stu’s log shows an impressive number of QSO’s including many ‘hard to get’ locations. The addition of a 500W linear amplifier improved reports by 1 ‘S’ (strength) point. An Arduino driven scanner (of a few selected frequencies only) made doing ‘other things’ while listening possible. Presented with slides and short videos, Great show!

Karl ZL1TJ