Club Meetings 2016

Club meeting 4 May 2016


Meeting on Wednesday 4 May at the Clubrooms 123 Latham Street

Chair: Wally ZL2MO, the meeting started at 7:30 pm.

Present: Laurie ZL2TC, Revell ZL2SS, Dave ZL2DW, Paul ZL2HB, Rob ZL2US, Blue ZL3TT, Peter ZL2CD, Stan ZL2ST and Karl ZL1TJ.

Apologies: ZL2DC, ZL2VM, ZL2MQ.

Minutes of previous meeting: Read and confirmed to be correct ZL3TT, ZL2CD.

Correspondence: From NZART, Branch circular, assigned member list and a request to deal with SK notification more promptly. A request from Napier City Council to update the Local Organization Bulletin Board. Outward: short article about the Bay Hamfest to Break-In magazine.

Arising: The NCC Bulletin Board was updated, changing presidential information.

Laurie reported the Bay Hamfest to be another success, positive mail was received from presenters and participants. A modest profit was made.

Finance: Stan acknowledged the contribution of about $300 from the Hamfest. It should be noted that raffle prizes were donated by Laurie and Dave ZL2MQ. The latest power account shows yet another increase, the monthly charge ( for just a few KWh) of $100 seems plain usury. Stan to once again shop around for a better deal. Suggested by Rob that a solar panel, battery, led lights and a gas bottle for heating may now be a realistic alternative.

Stan moved that cheque signing authority is moved from immediate past president Laurie ZL2TC to current president Wally ZL2MO, seconded by Karl ZL1TJ. Passed.

Blue ZL3TT moved that Karl ZL1TJ be appointed third signatory. Seconded by Wally ZL2MO. Passed.

NZART Conference and AGM remits: Only one remit to discuss: That NZART should look at digital membership with electronic Break In in PDF format by the 2017 year”.

Laurie started the discussion by stating that replacing Break In magazine with an electronic PDF format one may not necessary be a cost saving for various reasons. A fairly lively discussion followed between those in favour and those unsure or against. The final votes (according to Laurie only votes cast at the meeting are valid) were 6 in favour 1 against.

General Business: Stan reporting on the outcome of the annual Jock White Field day contest. We were beaten (by a few points) by our usual rival Patea.

The meeting closed at 8:35pm.

Followed by Laurie’s presentation of do’s and dont’s when fitting plugs to coaxial cable.

The cable itself came up for scrutiny first, PVC outer layers are subject to aging due to plasticiser ‘leaching’, leaving the cable porous. A cheaper cable may last only 10 years or less.

The most popular ham antenna plug, the PL259, comes in a low quality nickle plated version and in a much better one available from reputable US suppliers. The latter is twice the price but highly recommended. Laurie proceeded to show how to prepare the cable and fit the plug both for soldered and a crimped versions. I am sure most of us learned something new.

Karl ZL1TJ, Secretary Branch 25.