NARC Life Members

NARC has a proud history of being an active amateur radio club since 1946. A club cannot be successful unless it’s members contribute. And contribute they did. The list below is from the Honours Board hanging on the club wall. It is a tribute to these life members that they made things happen and still do.

Life Members

E. H Fairbrother ZL2NQ (SK)
G. C. Studd ZL2AFZ (SK)
W. Forsyth ZL2ALO (SK)
J. W. Black ZL2AX (SK)
R. H. R. Angus ZL2BDA (SK)
K. A. Wilson ZL2AQO
I. W. Wilson ZL2 141
L. A. Sharman ZL2IC (SK)
D. J. Chapman ZL2VR (SK)
G. C. Frazer ZL2NF (SK)
S. J. White ZL2ST
J. W. R. McGonical ZL2AKG (SK)