Club History


Initial Meeting 13/10/46 at Viv Townsends (ZL2ACW) in Dickens St, Napier
W Vinten (ZL2PD) W Hamer (ZL2CD) A Harris E Greaney (ZL2AHX)
L Jackson P Fairbrother (ZL2NQ) T O’Brien V Townsend (ZL2ACW)
M Pettifer (ZL2KJ) E Trustrum (ZL2ABS) G Hodgson H Meyer (later
ZL2MN) A Smith ZL2ABP) C Neill (ZL2ACY)

President: L Jackson, Vice President W Vinten, Secretary/Treasurer V Townsend
Minute Secretary C Neill, Morse Instructor W Hamer, Attendance K Hickey
Committee: P Fairbrother, W Hamer, J Black Jr, M Pettifer, G Hodgson
Objects: To encourage coming hams.

Second Meeting

Additional members:
G Studd (ZL2AFZ) D Crawley J K Anderson (ZL2ADA) J W Black (ZL2CK? later ZL2AX) J A McKee K Hickey

Notable Items from the Minutes:
12/1/47 moved that the Branch become affiliated with NZART.
moved that meeting notices be sent to members
9/3/47 R Bishop joined
11/5/47 R Bickerstaff (ZL2ACZ) joined
B Barclay, W Taylor, M Stead, D Morley joined
8/6/47 W Wells, P Lankshear, G Hansen (ZL2VE), J Forrest, W McMillan,
B Sellar, B Dooley, J Isles (ZL2AJI), Mrs Peta (Lillian)Gilchrist
(ZL2ABJ) joined

Meeting attendance numbers 14-19
11/1/48 G Goodger (ZL2RP), J Shirley (ZL2AM) joined
12/10/47 H Meyer brought up the formation of an AREC section. It was deferred several times to 12/12/48.
12/12/48 Moved R Bishop/P Fairbrother that a Branch of AREC be formed. The secretary had the full information on AREC to present to this meeting.
16/12/48 At a committee meeting decided that G Studd be AREC Convener.
12/6/49 Griffith,2AKP (J King), Throp,2ALH (A Hirtzel) joined.
9/7/50 2SG left the district
11/2/51 2RP (G Goodger) was a visitor
12/8/51 2AMY (Dr H Berry) joined
9/51 2ANT (B Bilderbeck) and Fred West joined
The Branch recommended that Ray Williams (later 2AQG) be given a complimentary license
14/10/51 2IC (L Sharman),2ANZ (DrV Barbe)r joined

Meeting venue moved to the Lecture room at Napier Hospital
9/12/51 2ALY,(Cliff Walker) 2AM,(John Shirley) D Maltby joined
20/4/52 2ARM Joe Peel joined
13/7/52 Jim Wetherill 2KZ, M Taylor joined
2ATE—Warren joined
3/8/52 2ACW joined (V Townsend??)
12/10/52 Terry Brunt joined
11/52 Tom Taylor 2GP joined
14/6/80 2VR Les Hurrell joined
11/10/53 2GQ Ron Morgan joined
10/4/55 2FS Terry Mooney joined
12/6/55 Stan White (later ZL2AHC, ZL2ST), Barry Kenah joined
11/3/56 2IW Ian Cockburn joined
10/56 2BB Fred Bradshaw, 2AWQ Des Moir joined
19/4/59 2ANI Stewart McLeod joined
18/10/59 2AUL Peter Meek joined (later ZL2AAP, ZL2AP, ZL1?)
24/6/60 2AWO Jack Campin joined
21/3/60 2GE George Tyler joined on his retirement
2ALO Bill Forsyth Manager Napier Gas Company. Very active Branch member and VHF operating. Was very instrumental along with Geoff Gilchrist in the construction of the club rooms—Branch President—convenor of an NZART conference—NZART Councillor
W Vinten Bill 2PD, 130 Marine Parade –Technician for J Fairclough Emerson St later electronic technician at Napier Hospital operated radio service for fishing boats
W Hamer Bill 2BJ (now 2CD)Announcer/Technician at 2YH studios later moved to Wellington
A Harris Alan, always non-transmitting. Had a public address/radio service business from home in Edwards St? later Dickens St. Donated very large 230V generator to the Branch. Used at Field Days and later sold.
E Greaney Eric 2AHX, had cycle shop at Ahuriri.Lived on hill (Goldsmith Rd) later 168 Waghorne St. (deceased 2005?).
L Jackson Len 2IG lived in Marewa Manager Jobbing Dept at The Daily Telegraph
P Fairbrother Peter 2NQ, operated a servicing business from home – Wellesley Rd
T O’Brien Projectionist at Gaiety Theatre—later at NZIG
V Townsend Viv 2ACW initially lived Dickens St. Later Hastings worked for P O eventually moved to Palmerston North?
M Pettifer Mark 2KJ. Lived on hill. Drove buses, later inspector NZRRS. Worked on clubrooms and later committed suicide.
E Trustrum Eric 2ABS lived Marine Parade died in 1980s?
G Hodgson Guy 2IJ Marine Parade later moved to Auckland?
H Meyer Hilton 2MN lived at 42 Douglas McLean Ave worked NZIG. As Quality Assurance Manager–Lived in UK for a while and later Canterbury St, Tamatea. In latter years Worked at Hospital. In Biomed Dept
A Smith Bert 2ABP lived in Thackeray St. Accountant at J Peach Ltd Motors?
C Neill Clyde 2ACY lived at Ahuriri. Worked for Post Office for a time and later at NZIG
G Studd George 2AFZ lived at 48 Nuffield Ave. Worked as PO telegraph operator and later draughtsman. Later moved to Hastings and back. Was NZART councillor DX columnist for Break In for years.
W Strong Warren 2ATE—Engineer with NZED Very active member President and Secretary also convenor of an NZART conference and NZART councillor—moved to NZED Head Office Wellington—then on to Christchurch where he became Tansmission line designer and Engineer in charge of Tansmission lines South of Christchurch
D Crawley Dick 2AQR later in Hastings
J K Anderson John 2ADA part owner of Andersons Nurseries. Moved to Taupo later
J W Black Jim 2AX. Had different call at this time 2CK? Part owner family garage, Owned store at Manganui Nth Auckland for a while. Good Branch supporter in his retirement.
J A McKee ?
K Hickey ?
R Bishop Bob 2ABX lived at Greenmeadows. Was a butcher. Later Taxi proprietor Keen on 6 metres
R Bickerstaff Roslee 2ACZ lived in Enfield Rd. Was a school teacher.and Deputy Principal
B Barclay 2DK Grocer cnr Todd St and Wellesley Rd?
W Taylor 2MT—Radio Service from home on Kennedy Rd—Pre-war Technician at private Station 2ZH?
M Stead ?
D Morley ?
W Wells Technician at 2YH studios and Transmitter at Opapa
P Lankshear ?
G Hansen George 2VE. Lived and worked at Holts mill on Napier-Taupo road later moved to Ashridge Rd Napier and Saunders Ave.
J Forrest ?
W McMillan ?
B Sellar 2AUX—ex BBC TV engineer Ships operator—UK pirate radio technician before marrying and settling in Napier?
B Dooley ?
J Isles Jack 2AJI. Electrical Inspector MED in Napier
Mrs Gilchrist Lilian (Peta) 2ABJ lived in McDonald St. Husband Geoff was P O District Engineer (later 2SK). Drowned in surf at their Whirinaki Beach cottage while trying to save her brother in law 1960. Clubrooms is memorial
G Goodger Graham 2RP. Later moved to Wellington and later still returned.
J Shirley John 2AM had vineyard at Bayview. Carried out many exploits in war
Griffith ?
J King Jack 2AKP -Senior Engineer with NZED and with R Morgan 2GQ experimented with microwaves and held 10GHz record for many years. Later moved to Whakatane (1AOF) with father 1AIU.
Throp ?
A Hirtzel Arthur 2ALH. Georges Drive near Thackeray St. Worked for P O. as Senior Technician. Travelled to Hastings daily by railcar.
Dr Berry 2AMY Dr Harold Berry Surgery and home at Clive Square later Morse St Marewa-died while visiting a-Ham in the USA who was also a Doctor portable call 2APY
Fred West Non transmiting club Secretary for several years.?
R Williams Ray 2AQG was quad/tetraplegic operated rig with sensors. Called himself ‘Lighthouse of the Bay”
L Sharman Lew 2IC Tom Parker Ave. Was Chief Radio Inspector. When retired was good Branch supporter
V Barber Dr Van 2ANZ lived on the hill. Was hospital Superintendant. Was early SSB operator.
C Walker Cliff 2ALY—Technician at 2YH later moved to New Plymouth+
D Maltby ?
J Peel Joe 2ARM Pharmacy Manager Napier Hospital
J Wetherill Jim 2KZ
M Taylor Maury. Always non-transmitting. Worked at hospital as fitter and turner later lived at Te Awanga. An active tramper.
T Brunt Terry. Always non-transmitting.
T Taylor Tom 2GP lived at Marewa. Blind amateur. Worked for Blind Foundation travelling North Island. Later divorced and lived in McDonald St. Played and tuned piano and organ.
L Hurrell Les 2VR. Left Napier and returned later as 2WL?
R Morgan Ron 2GQ. Lived in Williams St. Worked for ministry of Works Browning St later moved to Wellington and became OC of AREC..
T Mooney Terry 2FS. Lived in Coote Rd. Worked at telephone exchange. Later moved to Waghorne St Ahuriri.
S White Stan later 2AHC and ZL2ST. Lived in Logan Ave Worked at telephone exchange and later Wellington as designer and Project Manager. Returned to Napier.
B Kenah Barry non transmitting. Moved to Tuai and later Wellington and Napier
I Cockburn Ian 2IW-NZ Railways later moved to Wanganui
F Bradshaw Fred 2BB. Had an orchard south of Hastings city—now living at Havelock North.
D Moir Des 2AWQ. Lived in Harpam St Taradale. Was a chemist.
S McLeod Stewart (Sam) 2ANI. Lived in Carlyle St and later Trevelyn St, Onekawa. Worked at telephone exchange.
P Meek Peter 2AUL. Lived at Marewa. Worked at telephone exchange. Moved to Whakatane and back to Napier as 2AAP and later 2PA.
J Campin Jack 2AWO. Lived in Marewa. Worked for Lands and Survey rising to District Commissioner. Moved up north after retirement.
G Tyler George 2GE. Had been active passing messages during the earthquake. Joined the Branch on his retirement.

Some brief notes on Napier Branch by ZL2AHC (now ZL2ST) for NZART history exercise by Jumbo ZL1HV about 1983. The NZART history has not been published by 1996.

Until late 1946 a combined Napier/Hastings Branch of NZART held meetings alternately in each of the cities. An AREC section operated in Napier for some years from 1932.

On 13/10/46 an initial Napier Branch meeting was held at Viv Townsend’s place in Dickens St. and on 12/1/47 it was decided to affiliate with NZART. In 1948 the AREC section was reformed. Meetings held at RSA supper room. until 1951 when the meeting venue was changed to the Napier Hospital and in 1955 meetings were being held in the Doctor’s Common Room. In 1960 the venue was again changed to Peta Gilchrist’s (ZL2ABJ) home and it was held there until the clubrooms was built.

Peta Gilchist ZL2ABJ
Her tragic drowning in January 1961 at her Whirinaki beach house while trying to save her brother-in-law who had been dragged out to sea by a wave, led to the construction of a memorial clubrooms. Geoff (Peta’s husband and Post Office District Engineer) led the team of Branch members (includig Bill Forsyth 2ALO)and Chess Club members who constructed the “Lillian Gilchrist memorial Hall”, the present Branch clubrooms. The hall was opened on 30 June 1962 and some years later was partially burnt out. It was soon restored. In 1983 internal rearrangements to the building were carried out to gain useful storage and working space. The Chess Club pulled out of the partnership at that time because the hall was too small for them.

Branch 25 Activities
Perhaps the highlights of Branch activity has been the hosting of NZART Annual Conferences in 1957, 1967, 1978 and 1982. The earlier events were co-hosted with Hastings Branch. For many years the Branch conducted a class for the amateur operator’s exam Bill 2ALO as insructor For a period it was held at the Community College because of the large numbers attending. Gary ZL2VL, Laurie ZL2TC, Mike ZL2VM and Peter ZL2IK all instructors over a number of years. The Branch and AREC section have always been active supporters of NZART activities and have held numerous public displays. A 2 metre FM repeater was installed at Taraponui in 1982 and the first annual Junk Sale was held in 1983.

Compiled by Stan ZL2ST and updated by Hilton Meyers ZL2MN (SK).

Uploaded to the ZL2GT Newsgroup Reflector February 1, 2010 by Lee ZL2AL

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