March 20, 2013
NZARTarecLogoMike Bull ZL2VM, AREC Co-ordinator presented a comprehensive proposal for reorganisation and future use of Branch 25’s AREC resources. Further to the report tabled at the club’s 2012 AGM the proposal lists the future needs as being dictated by a changing environment, a newly formed HB LandSar group being more reliant on the latest technological developments, such as using digital data communication via satellite etc.

A shift from Land Search and Rescue to assisting Civil Defence with communications after natural calamities may now be our prime objective.

It is proposed to permanently install the three transceivers, (Kenwood TRC80, Tait TM8200 and Alinco DR635) in one of the console boxes made by ZL2CZ. So installed the radios would not be easily removable. The console box fits in a car and can be quickly transported to a temporary location. Aerials need to be suitable for SAR and CD frequencies and in case of whips magnetic base mounted. It is proposed that the VHF set presently installed at CD headquarters is replaced with a dual band vhf/uhf transceiver.

Further discussion on the club’s radio room role in case of disaster lead to suggestions such as having an emergency standby battery, Laurie being in possession of a surplus 70Ah battery.

Also the club’s generator having a dedicated plug in connection to the rooms electric wiring. Karl ZL1TJ to look into this further

More to follow