Sunday Tea & Mellowpuffs

It was mooted that we open up the clubhouse each Sunday afternoon at 2 Pm for those who wanted to come along, have a chat, solve a problem or set the world right. March 15 saw 9 come along. Laurie provided the tea and mellowpuffs (thanks Laurie) and we were still taking flat out 2 hours later. The club’s automatic morse code keyer was set up and Revell ZL2SS played morse for some time getting used to how to use a paddle. Revell has memorized the code and now wants to get his speed up to have an “on air” QSO.


Lots of chat and tall tales going on here!

Lee, Laurie and Dave reminisced about school days and “whatever happened to?” ¬†All in all, lots of fun and it will become a regular feature of NARC on Sunday afternoons

73, Lee ZL2AL