Club Meeting 2 September 2020

Minutes of the Napier Amateur Radio Club

Meeting on Wednesday 2 September 2020 at the Clubrooms 123 Latham Street

Chair: Dave ZL2MQ, the meeting started at 7:30pm.

Present: Wally ZL2MO, Peter ZL2CD, Blue ZL3TT, Mike ZL2MY, Peter ZL2LF and Karl ZL1TJ.

Apologies: ZL2DW, ZL2IT, ZL2VM.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Read and confirmed to be correct: ZL3TT, ZL2LF.

Arising: Peter 2LF, identification swingers for the 2021 Conference: the format and types required were discussed.


Inward: Power account, notification of refund from the Power consumer trust. Email from David 2DW, apology, health issues. NZART Infoline regarding covid 19 restrictions at the September 5th AGM.

Outward: various notices to members etc..

Finance: Peter 2CD: financial statement attached.

General business:

Dave 2MQ: will be attending the September 5th NZART Wellington AGM, was allocated a 5 minute time slot to promote the club’s running of the 2021 NZART annual conference and AGM. The special covid 19 requirements at this year’s AGM may well still be in force for the Napier event. In which case numbers may need to be restricted which would affect cost, charges etc. and make the organization a great deal more complicated.

Mike 2MY: has a potential UK based speaker for the conference. Would a zoom setup be an option? Dave responded ‘possibly’, it may even be an option for NZ based remote presenters.

The point was raised: should the club have a QR code sign displayed by the entrance?

This is to register visitors to enable tracing in case of covid 19 affecting the area.

The consensus was that the attendance register and minutes cover this need adequately.

Karl: the next combined Committee and Conference meeting will be held on Tuesday September 12th.

The meeting closed at 8 pm.

And was followed by Dave ZL2MQ presenting his (amazing) Earth-Moon-Earth aerial and rig set-up. Pictures and explanation. How circular polarization is achieved with two ‘crossed’ yagi antennas. Not for the faint hearted. A great deal of patience is a pre-requisite for this facet of amateur radio. Dave appears to have reached an ‘invisible’ barrier of around 80 countries in his quest to achieve EME DXCC.

Karl ZL1TJ

Club Meeting 5 August 2020

Napier Amateur Radio Club, General Meeting, 5 Aug 2020


– 2MQ, 2DW, 2RO, 2LF, 2MO, 3TT, 2AN, 2MY, 2CD, 2XC, 2IT, Daniel (N/T), Mark (N/T)


– 2VM, 1TJ

Min’s of the previous General Meeting were read and approved.

Matters arising

– 2DW commented that there were 23 people at the Br13/25 mid year Xmas Tea.

– re the “makers fare” 2MQ talked about the world wide Aduino following and kits available

– 2LF talked about the Conference “swingers”

– Councilor 2RO made comments about advertising the 2021 Conference asap and was requested to attend the next “Conference Committee” meeting in August.

– 2LF talked about the Taradale Library having a free audio/visual room available.


– Peter 2CD gave an outline of the Br 25 financial situation and some discussion followed re the Club Rooms power bill and power usage.

General Business

– 2LF said that he had returned the Br 25 computer to the Club Rooms and it was redundant,

a replacement should be considered.

– 2MO commented about the new ceiling lights

The meeting closed at 7-50pm followed by a “Show and Tell” presentation, much discussion followed.

(Temporary minutes taker David ZL2DW)

Club Meeting 1 July 2020

Minutes of the Napier Amateur Radio Club

Meeting on Wednesday 1July 2020 at the Clubrooms 123 Latham Street

Chair: Dave ZL2MQ, the meeting started at 7:30pm.

Present: Wally ZL2MO, David ZL2DW, Peter ZL2CD, Blue ZL3TT, Mike ZL2MY, Rob ZL2AN, Revell ZL2SS, Ross ZL2FN and Karl ZL1TJ.

Apologies: ZL2XC and ZL2VM.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Read and confirmed to be correct: ZL3TT, ZL2MO.

Arising: David 2DW: The NZART annual club circular has to date not arrived in the Branch 13 mailbox.


Inward: Confirmation from NZART that deposit payment was approved and will be made.

Also from NZART the annual club information circular and request for remit vote.

Outward: to NZART regarding conference finance and deposit paid to East Pier. Various newsletters etc. to members. Request to members, vote on NZART AGM remit.

Finance: financial statement attached, $1000 for East Pier deposit now refunded by NZART.

General business: David 2DW: the Mt Threave digital repeater now has a regular internet connection courtesy of ‘Talk Mobile’ (Steve Reay). The Bch 13 annual junk sale is on again after the July 22 club meeting. The annual combined branches mid winter dinner will be held once again at the Napier RSA Club on July 24. Bookings to David or the undersigned.

Dave 2MQ: A ‘wild’ idea, to generate more activity, making use of our lovely clubrooms and advertise the radio / electronics hobby, let’s have a look at running what has become known as a ‘Makers Club’ for younger generations. Essentially a construction club using boards and components available very cheaply through the internet. Arduino based projects would also bring the opportunity to learn and do simple programming projects, offering a start to those thinking of a career in the field. To advertise to high school science teachers or local media?

Karl to check other club’s experiences with similar projects.

The NZART AGM single remit was discussed and voted on. Outcome: all in favour.

The meeting closed at 8:10 pm

And was followed by Dave ZL2DW telling us the story of his life, of course mostly that part to do with Volts, Amps and Mega Hertzes. Starting with a crystal radio, then a two part apprenticeship, various employers and finally self employment as Mr. Apex. Dave had to scale many Apexes during his career, often under foul conditions but also with the aid of helicopters which was more fun. He jumped out of aeroplanes three times and luckily the parachute worked each time so he lived to tell us a fascinating tale. Thanks Dave.

Karl ZL1TJ

Club Meeting 3 June 2020

Minutes of the Napier Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Wednesday 3 June 2020 at the Clubrooms 123 Latham Street

Note: The April and May meetings of the club were not held due to the Covid 19 (Corona virus) lock-down restrictions imposed by the NZ Government.

Chair: Dave ZL2MQ, the meeting started at 7:30pm.

Present: Wally ZL2MO, Karl ZL1TJ, Peter ZL2CD, Blue ZL3TT, Stan ZL2ST, Mike ZL2MY, Rob ZL2AN, Fergus ZL2VF, Revell ZL2SS and Errol ZL2IT.

Apologies: ZL2DW, ZL2XC, ZL2LF and ZL2VM.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Read and confirmed to be correct: ZL2MO, ZL2MY.

Arising: Dave 2MQ, a suitable antenna has not been found, the (future) discourse on EME radio will be based on videos of his home station in action.

Correspondence: Email from Debby NZART that a visit sometime October is ‘on the cards’ if we still want her to come. Also an email from NZART regarding Conference finance, dealt with by the Conference committee. Email from Dave 2DW regarding his proposed July meeting talk, email from Daniel Hopper, seeking assistance to gain his operating certificate. Power account and Info-line newsletter. Earlier correspondence was reported in the 19 May Committee meeting minutes.

Finance: financial statement attached, no major transactions, a $20 contribution was paid towards the running cost of the Mt Threave digital repeater.

General business: Rob reported checking the coverage of the Mt Threave digital repeater. This was found to be surprisingly good. A few (3?) members now use this repeater.

Errol suggested some form of lighting the building or the sign on the roof is necessary during the winter monthly meetings to assist potential visitors finding the clubrooms.

Wally reported being extremely busy with work, finding little spare time for other things and requested to be taken off committee lists for the time being. He is still able to fulfill his roll as building custodian. Accepted with thanks for all the work he has done for the club over the years.

The meeting closed at 8 pm

And was followed by Dave 2MQ’s demonstration of digital communication software such as found in the WSJT package. The FT8 format is very popular at present, it uses the audio input and output of a computer to interface to the radio. Dave’s laptop received and decoded sounds coming from the club’s radio room in spite of all the ‘talk interference’ being generated by the audience. Two (laptop) computers will talk to each other this way, without actual physical connections. Fergus ZL2VF brought in his computer to demonstrate another (his favourite ) software package, FLDIGI, and in particular the Olivia mode which comes in a number of sub-formats. It allows the exchange of messages similar to teletype or what is now known as ‘Texting’. These modes work well with low power even when atmospheric conditions are not good.

Karl ZL1TJ

Club Meeting 4 March 2020

Minutes of the Napier Amateur Radio Club

Meeting on Wednesday 4 March 2020 at the Clubrooms 123 Latham Street

Chair: Dave ZL2MQ, the meeting started at 7:30pm.

Present: Wally ZL2MO, Dave ZL2DW, Karl ZL1TJ, Peter ZL2CD, Mike ZL2MY, Peter ZL2LF, Stu ZL2XC, John ZL2AGE and Mark Cowan.

Apologies: ZL2ST, ZL2IT, ZL2SS, ZL3TT, ZL2US, ZL2VM.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Read and confirmed to be correct: ZL2CD, ZL2LF.

Arising: Nil

Correspondence: Acknowledgment of receipt of $1000 deposit by East Pier.

Invite to Debby NZART to visit combined branches sometime September or October.

A response from Debby but no firm commitment as yet.

Correspondence with Dave ZL2DW re: joint branches website development.

Email from Daniel Vandenberg regarding reciprocal licensing.

Notice from energy supplier Powershop of another price increase.

Finance: financial statement attached, $ 1000 deposit paid to East Pier.

General business: Dave 2DW: The Pakowai Hall needs to be booked in time for the proposed Debby Morgan visit. Alternatively the Napier club rooms could be used.

Financial contribution was discussed, travel compensation paid to Debby by Branch 13 at the occasion of her previous visit was based on a Km rate rather than cost of fuel.

Dave 2MQ moved that NZART be invoiced for the $1000 deposit paid to Eastpier.

Dave 2DW: “DMR rules”, the new digital repeater is working well, coverage substantially better than the previous D-Star repeater. Users at about 15 at present and increasing.

A lengthy discussion / explanation led by Dave 2MQ followed.

Karl: from various email exchanges it would appear that the proposed joint branches website will be limited to an essential resource from which names, phone numbers etc. can be found by those seeking further information about amateur radio in Hawke’s Bay.

John ZL2VAF, editor of Break-Out magazine, offered to maintain this.

Peter 2LF’s grandson, who is IT knowledgeable may also be available for some input.

Club Programme: The April meeting is to feature an EME demonstration by Dave 2MQ, subject to a suitable dish antenna being available and being installed in good time. The alternative of a brief video of Dave’s home station in operation may be more realistic.

Karl asked Mark Cowan if he would like some assistance with the construction with a basic aerial. Mark is likely to take up the offer in a few month’s time.

The meeting closed at 8:45 pm

Karl ZL1TJ

Club Meeting 5.2.2020

Minutes of the Napier Amateur Radio Club

Meeting on Wednesday 5 February 2020 at the Club rooms 123 Latham Street

Chair: Dave ZL2MQ, the meeting started at 7:40pm.

Present: Wally ZL2MO, Dave ZL2DW, Blue ZL3TT, Revell ZL2SS, Rob ZL2AN, Karl ZL1TJ, Peter ZL2CD, Mike ZL2MY, Peter ZL2LF and Daniel Vandenberg ZL2DRV.

Visitors: George Theron ZS5JAM, Mark Cowan and Rudolph Blaha.

Apologies: ZL2ST, ZL2IT, ZL2XC, ZL2HB.

Dave 2MQ opened the meeting and welcomed our visitors.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Read and confirmed to be correct: ZL3TT, ZL2SS.

Arising: Dave 2MQ: Martin ZL2MD has now moved to his new abode in Awakina (Marlborough Sounds). His offer to contribute to the setting up and maintenance of a new, combined branches website is therefore no longer applicable. Daniel made the point that a club website page dedicated to the Conference needs to be established, with a link to the NZART website.

Correspondence: email exchange with MED regarding payment of license fees. Emails from and to Mark Cowan about meeting times, various Conference correspondence items.

Finance: financial statement attached, the usual payments for ground rent and power were made. Also annual license fees. Annual refund from power company received. It was agreed to temporarily dedicate the AREC account to the 2021 conference.

General business: Suggested by Dave 2DW that Debby ZL2DM, NZART secretary be invited to come to the Bay to renew acquaintances and discuss Conference requirements sometime September / October. Karl to do the inviting.

Karl: Stan, being incapacitated after a hip transplant is not able to organize or participate in the annual Jock White field day contest. Any one interested in organizing this or just participating please contact the undersigned or Dave ZL2MQ.

Dave 2DW: A DMR repeater is now operational, first switched on 29/1. Frequency 439.2375 MHz

The meeting closed at 8:15 pm and was followed by Daniel ZL2DRV, in his capacity of NZART Counselor giving some insight in the workings of Council and progress being made. NZART incumbent President Mark Gooding ZL2UFI insists that when a commitment is made this is followed up with action.

Membership is always an issue, especially younger members are needed.

Daniel looked into the Napier Club’s history and told us a bit about his own background.

Daniel was asked a number of questions most of which were answered on the spot with the occasional “I shall look into it” response.

Dave 2MQ thanked Daniel for coming to Napier to address both the Conference organizing committee and the Club meeting.

Karl ZL1TJ

CLUB MEETING 4 December 2019

Minutes of the Napier Amateur Radio Club

Meeting on Wednesday 4 December 2019 at the Clubrooms 123 Latham Street

Chair: Dave ZL2MQ, the meeting started at 7:40pm.

Present: Stan ZL2ST, Errol ZL2IT, Dave ZL2DW, Blue ZL3TT, Revell ZL2SS, Rob ZL2AN, Martin ZL2MD, Karl ZL1TJ, Peter ZL2CD and Mike ZL2MY.

Apologies: ZL2MO, ZL2AGE, ZL2XC.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Read and confirmed to be correct: ZL2IT, ZL2MY.

Arising: Dave 2DW: The Te Puke repeater is now linked to Rotorua. The contents of the Bch 13 Yahoo reflector were handed over to Dave 2DW on a USB memory stick. Possibly to be passed on to John 2VAF for preservation in the HB history data banks.

Correspondence: Outwards: A message to the HB Power Consumers Trust notifying of change of contact information. Similar to the Power Shop energy company. Notice to John ZL2VAF to add Martin ZL2MD to the Breakout Committee list. Registration of the Club with the Eastern and Central Communities Trust. Inwards: Response from the above trust, registration accepted. From Branch 13 (2DW) that the possibility of a joint website is looked into. Also via 2DW: mail from Warren Cowley regarding Branch 20 running costs.

Finance: Peter presented the Annual Accounts for the 2018-2019 year, reviewed and certified by Stan ZL2ST. The session went briefly into AGM mode to discuss these. It was moved by Peter ZL2CD and seconded by Michael ZL2MY that the Annual Accounts be accepted. Passed unanimously. Peter mentioned the (once again) major contribution from Dave ZL2MQ through the virtual single handed design and build of the years Club project, an Arduino driven dummy load / power meter.

General business: The concept of a joint Branches website / bulletin board was briefly discussed. Martin confessed to having some experience with electronic media offered to look into this.

The 2021 NZART Conference: Dave 2MQ set up an initial spreadsheet resulting in an estimated full programme cost of $258. A phone discussion between Karl and Daniel Van Den Berg (New Plymouth) confirmed this to be a reasonable amount, similar to projected cost for the 2020 Greymouth conference.

Errol and Blue were instructed to make a firm booking with Eastpier, for both the venue (two days) and accommodation (3 nights). The initial deposit of $1000 to be invoiced to the Club. To be paid and reimbursement sought from NZART. The next meeting will be a combined Committee / Conference meeting on Tuesday January 21st 2020 followed by a Club meeting on February 5th.

The meeting closed at 8:15 pm and was followed by the celebration of yet another successful year for the club with the customary liquid refreshment and interesting discussion.

Karl ZL1TJ

Club Meeting 6 November 2019

Minutes of the Napier Amateur Radio Club

Meeting on Wednesday 6 November 2019 at the Clubrooms 123 Latham Street

Chair: Dave ZL2MQ, the meeting started at 7:30pm.

Present: Wally ZL2MO, Errol ZL2IT, Mike ZL2VM, Dave ZL2DW, Blue ZL3TT, Revell ZL2SS, Stu ZL2XC, Rob ZL2AN, Martin ZL2MD, Karl ZL1TJ, Peter ZL2CD and Mike ZL2MY. Apologies: ZL2HB, ZL2ST. (2MO, 2MQ)

Minutes of the previous meeting: Read and confirmed to be correct: ZL3TT, ZL2XC.

Arising: Dave 2DW informed Warren 2AJ regarding the decision not to take up his offer to link HB repeaters to the proposed South Waikato network.

Correspondence: Inward: Yahoo groups moving from message board format to email platform, existing data may be downloaded for preservation. Mail from Simon Osborne ZL2TSO, active again, replied and cc’d to 2DW. From Mike 2VM: updated HB Hams list. From the Napier Citizen’s Advice Bureau, the NARC listing on their bulletin board, responded with corrections. From the Unison Consumers Trust advice regarding energy refund. From RSM, License fees of $100 due on 30 November.

Outward: To RSM, cancellation of two beacon licenses. To the Te Puke Radio Club: Thank you but no thank you to the proposal to link their extended repeater system to 725, received a brief acknowledgement to this. Various notices to members. Venue info to the Conference sub-committee.

Finance: Treasurers report attached.

General business: Karl: downloaded Yahoo bulletin board contents for future reference, for some unknown reason Branch 13 content came with it.

Dave 2DW: questioned the de-activation of the Club’s beacons. Responded to by Dave 2MQ: The beacon design, being software driven caused some interference to nearby stations. Both a rebuild or relocation of the beacons were considered but found to be not practicable. An alternative being looked into is using WSPR on HF, a future project.

The meeting closed at 7:45 pm and was followed by the AGM.

After the AGM the annual Home Brew contest took place. Two entries only: Errol ZL2IT presented two transmitters for the 630 m band. Both designed by himself. The more powerful one (250W) posing the greatest challenge as currents through the low impedance side of matching networks are substantial.

Revell ZL2SS, while searching for alternative sources of energy to do his bit to counter global warming experimented with an ancient bicycle generator. Equipped with led lights the demonstration proved that just minor input energy can in fact light up the room. (well, sort off).

The prize went to Erroll, with a pat on the back to Revell for an entertaining presentation.

Karl ZL1TJ

Club Meeting 2 October 2019


Meeting on Wednesday 2 October 2019 at the Clubrooms 123 Latham Street

Chair: Dave ZL2MQ, the meeting started at 7:30 pm.

Dave read out the death notice of Karen Wilson ZL2AQO who was secretary / treasurer of the Napier ARC for many years. A brief silence was observed.

Present: Peter ZL2CD, Revel ZL2SS, Martin ZL2MD, Dave ZL2DW, Blue ZL3TT, Rob ZL2AN, Stu ZL2XC and Karl ZL1TJ.

Apologies: ZL2MO, ZL2HB, ZL2ST and ZL2IT.

Minutes of previous meeting: Read and confirmed to be correct: ZL3TT, ZL2CD.

Arising: Dave 2DW:The Mt Threave repeater co-ordinates were determined and submitted.

Dave 2MQ: our attempt to book the Napier Memorial Conference Centre for the 2021 NZART Conference failed. There is a perpetual booking for the QBD weekend in place.

Correspondence: with Syd Rowe ZL1LWR, Te Puke ARC, regarding proposed linking of their repeater with Rotorua, Taupo and so with our 725 repeater. Also with Warren ZL2AJ who proposes to establish several new repeaters in South Waikato and link these to the local 405 repeater.

A confirmation and offer of assistance with the 2021 conference organisation from NZART Conference Coordinator Topsy Scott ZL2LS.

A newsletter from Icom agent RWS Communications.

Finance: Treasurer’s report attached. The last power account jumped to $131.14. The consequence of the clubroom heater being left on for several days. A cut-out timer is needed.

General Business: A discussion regarding to the two proposals to link Hawke’s Bay repeaters to other networks (see correspondence above) ended with both repeater trustees (2DW and 2MQ) voicing opinions that there is no need for this as the National System does a similar job and works well. A negative response was agreed to by all present. Dave 2DW to respond to Warren 2AJ, Karl to the Te Puke ARC.

The meeting closed at 7:50 pm.

And was followed by our annual quiz, once again devised by quiz master Dave 2MQ. The usual format, 10 general knowledge and 10 technical questions were within the easy to not so easy range.

The winner: new member Martin ZL2MD who did the licensing study recently so should know the tech stuff but has obviously also a great deal of general knowledge.

The sticky buns were fresh and beautiful. Thanks Dave.

Karl ZL1TJ

Club Meeting 4 September 2019

Minutes of the Gen. Meeting of Br 25/NARC, Napier, 4/9/19, 7-30pm

(Min’s taken by David ZL2DW due to Karl ZL1TJ being absent)

Chair: Dave ZL2MQ

Present: Wally ZL2MO, Blue ZL3TT, Michael ZL2MY, Dave ZL2DW, Rob ZL2AN, Martin ZL2MD, Stan ZL2ST, Errol ZL2IT, Revell ZL2SS and Peter ZL2CD.

Apologies: Karl ZL1TJ, Michael ZL2VM, Stu ZL2XC.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Read and confirmed correct: ZL3TT, ZL2MD


– a reply from Warren ZL2AJ on behalf of NZART Council accepting the offer by Br 25 to host the 2021 NZART Conference and AGM at Napier.


– a report from Peter ZL2CD was given re the Br 25 bank balances, he also noted that Kiwi Bank was about to decline cheque deposits and to stop their customers issuing cheques also.

– A White Board was donated to Br 25 by Wally ZL2MO (value $10).

General Business:

– ZL2MD asked about the requirement for the upcoming DMR repeater Lic. at Mt Threave to have a Long. and Lat. as measured at the base of the repeater aerial mast. David ZL2DW explained that it was a request by the licencing ARC (Doug ZL2TAR) and as it was being done for free we would comply, as soon as the info. was obtained during a visit to the site.

– Further to the NZART Conference correspondence above, David ZL2MQ said that the first Conference Committee meeting would be held at the Br 25 Club Rooms at 7-30 pm on 17 Sept.

The Meeting closed at 7-45pm

Guest Speaker

Errol ZL2IT gave a talk on the history and creation of 50 OHM coax cable. This was followed by contributions by those gathered on various subjects……….peppered with much humour.